Women of Colour in Leadership, Part 1

Recent dialogues among global leaders highlight the transformative potential of investing in Women of Colour, yet representation in leadership remains disproportionately low. With only 1.5% of leadership positions held by Black individuals in the UK, there’s an urgent need for support and empowerment to bridge this gap.

Unlocking Leadership Potential for Women of Colour: Navigating Challenges, Embracing Identity and Influential Power

How can the Women of Colour navigate the nuanced challenges of leadership roles amidst the intersecting dynamics of race and gender

This leadership training offers a tailored approach to empower talented women, leveraging self-awareness to strengthen emotional intelligence, authenticity, and adaptability. It equips participants with strategies to navigate personal, organisational, and systemic challenges without compromising their individuality or cultural identity.

Key outcomes for the course
  • Identify practical strategies to address both spoken and unspoken challenges in leadership roles.
  • Define and align personal brand with organisational objectives for enhanced impact.
  • Cultivate new habits to elevate effectiveness and professional presence as a leader.
  • Build a framework for fostering trust-based interpersonal relationships.
  • Engage in meaningful connections and shared experiences with fellow female leaders, fostering a supportive network.
  • Gain the confidence and momentum to pursue future leadership aspirations with success.
Full day

Online, or face-to-face

Teams and in-house