Support for individuals looking to thrive and grow

Discover a profound sense of worth and belonging, receive unwavering encouragement, and cultivate an elevated self-awareness. Advance your emotional intelligence and agility, to confidently wield your power. Immerse yourself in reflective practice, drawing inspiration for a future filled with confidence and purpose.

Do you find yourself on a lonely Island, feeling disconnected with your team?
Do you need support to elevate your presence for a career promotion?
Would you like to build your confidence in leading highly effective diverse teams?

Embark on our coaching program, designed to empower your talent teams recognise their pressure points and foster crucial reflective spaces for enhanced critical thinking and effectiveness. Those who have experienced our program rave about gaining practical strategies for staying focused, adaptable, and motivated.

Join us in unlocking the potential for unparalleled individual and team success!


Leadership Coaching

Leaders are expected to show up every day with enthusiasm and courage to face the challenges of the day.  But leaders are also human, living a real life. This means you don’t always feel at your best and personal challenges can get in the way. How do you show up and lead others in these challenging times?  

Elevate your leadership skills to new heights through our meticulously crafted coaching programs. Tailored for high achievers like you, our transformative approach goes beyond traditional coaching to propel you towards unparalleled success.

Gain invaluable insights: Uncover strategies that ignite innovation and drive impactful results.

Navigate challenges with confidence: Our coaching equips you to tackle obstacles head-on, turning challenges into stepping stones.

Personalised guidance: Benefit from one-on-one sessions with experienced coaches dedicated to your growth.

Your leadership journey starts here. Join a community of trailblazers committed to reaching new peaks. Seize the opportunity to lead with authenticity and make a lasting impact. Embrace the coaching that takes you from great to extraordinary.


Coaching for Ethnically Diverse Talent

Ignite Your Path: Harness the Power of Culturally Rich Potential!

Are you ready to break free from the chains of self-doubt and step into a realm of confidence? At our coaching hub, we understand the unique challenges faced by ethnically diverse individuals in contributing powerfully at work.

Discover the power of authenticity as we guide you on a transformative journey to overcome feelings of isolation and reclaim your sense of belonging and confidence. Embrace a fearless pursuit of your goals, leaving behind the shadows of rejection and ridicule.

Elevate your self-esteem and redefine success in a diverse setting, all while achieving a harmonious work-life balance. Navigate life transitions with resilience and embrace guidance to recalibrate your efforts for optimal results.

Escape the confines of a minority mindset and say goodbye to tokenism. Join us to experience coaching that goes beyond stereotypes, recognising and valuing the diverse contributions you bring to the table.

It’s time to empower your journey, turning obstacles into stepping stones.


What our clients say?

Loved Dorinda's positivity and how she reframed my story, my journey. She enabled me to relook at my achievements and to celebrate them. She gave me the confidence I needed to make major changes to my life and work outlook.
Kath Goodwin
April 2021
I have been so blessed to find Dorinda Nartey. Such a wise, yet grounded woman of great compassion and skill. From her experience as a business woman and coach, she offers just the right balance of challenge and thoughtful consideration that I need.
Danuta Lipinska
April 2021
Dorinda helped me much more than I could have ever imagined. our session flowed so effortlessly and has stayed in my thoughts, motivating me since. I would 100% recommend Dorinda.
Louise Victoria Wendel
December 2020